Linda property of 28.75 buy apples, suitable for cattle Baratisima

US$ 66.125 Dolares 184000 m² (0,36 Pesos/m²) Caña de Castilla, Departamento de Granada
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Area: 28.75 Mz.

Location: 8 Km South of Nandaime.

Cost: $2,300 (NEGOTIABLE) Apple x.

Access: By road not paved all time.

Suitable for: won water: Ochomogo River on the property.

Flora: little vegetation, predominates Guanacaste, but there is a wooded area at the bottom of the property.

Topography: abundant plateau with a small inclination forest at the end of the property.

Property Details

Price:US$ 66.125 Dolares Dormitorios: 0 Bathrooms: 0 Bedrooms: 184000 m²

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