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US$ 330.000 Dolares 4 Bedroom, 4 Bath 198 m² (1666,67 Pesos/m²) La Molina, Región de Lima
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Thanks for the interest.

Annoyance is to want to see a property and that do not provide it management.

Worse still when it coordinates a visit to a property and you've already seen.

The seller who tells him that the property is good, but really isn't.

Awaits you in the corner such...

Don't know the inmueble… how many disadvantages such as these will have you to go to seek advice from a professional?

The market changes and systems also.

We are specialized in the La Molina district in homes and residential land for sale. Therefore, we have the registration of all properties for sale in the district.

Each of these buildings with their law enforcement professionals or directly with the owners.

We offer search in our database and represent you in this transaction.

We conducted the study of market with a modern Simulator, and check if the selected property is the ideal price and seek the proper sales.

Relax, you tell us what you want, we find, you decide and we take care of absolutely everything.

"Her advice of a professional do your services" If you want more information write an email a: "

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Price:US$ 330.000 Dolares Dormitorios: 4 Bathrooms: 4 Bedrooms: 198 m²

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