Small farm Haras in the bar

US$ 6.000.000 Dolares 3 Bedroom, 3 Bath 250000 m² (24,00 Pesos/m²) Barra de Maldonado, Departamento de Maldonado
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At the moment is one of the Arab race haras more important in the world in this farm, concerned they can go to the owner for more information.

Chalet / hull: large living-room with a large fireplace room spacious with fireplace comfortable kitchen with office very spacious master suite with fireplace, nestidor and you wardrobes bedroom in the Tower 2 bedrooms with twin beds and fireplace 1 bathroom A toilet with shower roofed porch terrace with spectacular views (sunsets) (for example.)
Central heating in radiant earthenware great barbecue grill for 100 people and two social bathrooms 2 houses for staff with sheds, caniles etc.
Irrigation automatic throughout the property, and underground water tanks stables for 14 horses laundry room for horses, veterinary and laboratory rooms for fodder and teams large stables runway show with lights of all Stadium equipped with cameras via the Internet, both the stables and the runway show and the rest of the property, online 24 hours a day. and all the Prairie recording equipment are closed with hard wooden fences, lighting automatic public underground and drinkers.

Property Details

Price:US$ 6.000.000 Dolares Dormitorios: 3 Bathrooms: 3 Bedrooms: 250000 m²

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